Warm up before exercise and anavar online


Warm-up – a necessary procedure before any physical activity and anavar. Carrying warm warms the muscles and protects against injuries, stretch marks. Just 10 minutes of warm-up, and your exercise will be much more efficient and the process of their implementation easier. Warming up muscles before exercise you remove tension from the muscles, increases the elasticity of muscles and ligaments, anavar, which subsequently increases and the body temperature by a few degrees.Streching

For effective warm-up, you can use exercises such as jogging in place, rotation of the torso and head, oxandrolone, circular swings his arms and legs, side bends, forward, backward, sit-ups, push-ups, lunges.

The warm up your muscles and joints increased flexibility and mobility, which reduces the risk of injury. To warm up your muscles surging blood, and with it the oxygen, nutrients, has a positive effect on endurance, oxandrolone order. Tired as a result you much later. Thanks to the warm-up load on the heart increases gradually, which is much better than if you just started to heavy exercise.

After warming up the muscles and anavar for sale you need to start stretching, which will increase the flexibility of the body, reduce the risk of damage to tendons and joints. Stretching not only increases the elasticity and flexibility of joints and tendons but also gives physical and mental relaxation. The body wakes up and prepares for the next load. And stretching after a workout should be done to relieve tension and pain in the muscles.

For effective stretching can use the following exercises:

– Sit on the floor, his legs are brought together. Follow the torso to the legs forward, with his hands to pull the ankles, and his head touch the knees, legal oxandrolone, legs must remain straight. Number of slopes 15-20.

– Sit on your knees, lift up the hands. Lift the hips 10-15 cm from the floor and follow the circular rotation of the hips, first right, then left. 10 repetitions. Buy oxandrolone.

– Sit on the floor, legs wide apart. Take your hands back and rest against them on the floor. Tense the muscles in this position and secure. Then follow the inclinations of the body forward, hands pull ahead in front of you or put on your feet. Number of slopes 15-20.

When you perform stretching exercises, do not use excessive force and buy anavar online, remember that stretching should not be painful. Also do not forget to breathe deeply, it helps to relax the muscles.